Mia was fantastic. With the current climate and unable to hold face to face appointments (which was my preference) Mia created a comfortable, non-judgemental, safe and secure place for me to talk through any, and all, of the problems and issues I was facing. As a direct result of my sessions with Mia, I have a far greater understanding of my emotions and the feelings and reactions they evoke. Through this understanding I now feel far more like myself - capable to understand and manage my emotions with vastly improved self-confidence. 

Thank you Mia!

Male client - age:35

I have had 12 sessions with Mia after I reached an impasse in my life where I was feeling very stuck and overwhelmed.

Mia provided me with the safe place, free of judgment in order to work through the issues that were impacting me.  She listened and helped me process some of my thoughts in a way that felt good to me and I felt that she really listened and understood. Ultimately Mia supported me to be more confident in my decision making and more able to trust my thoughts and judgments. Her Input has been invaluable.” (K.  female)

I was recommended to mia to talk about fertility issues i was struggling with , and I found myself able to open up about other issues that I had never talked about with anyone else before such as a gambling addiction. 


I am very grateful for her help and it is good to know that the door is always open if I felt the need for more sessions in the future. Female client - Yorkshire